Rakshabandhan Shubh Muhrat 2023

Rakshabandhan Shubh Muhrat 2023 : This year also on the day of Raksha Bandhan, Bhadra Nakshatra will be there and during this Rakhi is considered to perform auspicious work. Know what is the auspicious time to tie rakhi on the day of Raksha Bandhan

Rakshabandhan Shubh Muhrat 2023

The festival of Rakshabandhan holds great importance in Hinduism. This festival dedicated to brothers and sisters is celebrated with great fanfare across the country. On this day, sisters tie rakshas on their brothers’ wrists and wish the brother long life and a bright future with good health. At the same time the brother promises to protect his sister along with gifts.

According to the Hindu Panchal, the festival of Rakshabandhan is celebrated every year on Poonam Tithi in the month of Shravan. This year, Poonam Tithi falls on August 30 and 31. According to scriptures, it is believed that sisters should never tie rakhi to brother in Bhadra Nakshatra. It gives inauspicious results. Know when is Bhadra Nakshatra on Rakshabandhan day this year.

On which date is Raksha Bandhan?

According to Hindu Panchag Poonam Tithi of the month of Shravan this time starts from 11 am on 30 August 2023, Wednesday, which will last till 07:07 am on 31 August. That is why this time the festival of Raksha Bandhan is being celebrated for two days.

What is the time of Bhadra Nakshatra on the day of Raksha Bandhan? The auspicious moment of Raksha Bandhan

According to the Hindu Panchag, the days of Rakshabandhan in the Bhadra Nakshatra on August 30 will begin at 10.58 am and last until 09.01 pm. Hence building a raksha during this period is considered inauspicious. So the auspicious time to tie rakhi on the day of Rakshabandhan is after 9 pm on August 30, and on August 31 the rakhi can be tied till morning.

Rakshabandhan 2023: Auspicious time to tie rakhi on Rakshabandhan day

  • August 30, 2023 from 9:01 PM to 11:13 PM
  • Rakshabandhan can be constructed till 7:05 am on August 31
  • Amrit Muhurta – will be from 05.42 am to 07.23 am.

Who is Bhadra?

Bhadra is the daughter of Lord Surya and Mother Chaya and she is the sister of Lord Shani. Bhadra was born to destroy demons. But at the time of birth she had to make the whole world her lap. In such a situation, all kinds of manglik – auspicious work, yajna etc. started to get obstructed. In such a situation, with the persuasion of Brahmaji, he was placed in Vishti Kiran, the seventh ray among the 11 rays. where he still resides today.

How is Bhadra Nakshatra determined?

According to the Hindu Almanac, Bhadra resides in all three worlds i.e. Heaven, Patal and Earth. Bhadra resides on Earth when the Moon is in Cancer, Leo, Aquarius and Pisces. While living on earth, the head of Bhadra is towards the front. For this reason, doing all kinds of auspicious and auspicious work is prohibited in Prithvi Loka when Bhadra is in residence, because it does not yield auspicious results.

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