Health Insurance how to apply

Health Insurance is a type of insurance that covers the medical expenses of the insured due to an illness or accident in exchange for a premium amount. It enables the insurance company to provide medical coverage for hospitalization expenses, day care procedures, critical illnesses, etc. A health plan also offers multiple benefits, including cashless hospitalization and free medical check-ups.

When you buy from health insurance, you are ensuring your well-being is prioritized during the time of need. Our dedicated 50-member claims team exclusively deals with health insurance claims, offering support to individuals, families, and even the elderly living alone.

Top Reasons to Buy a Health Insurance Plan:

Medical inflation is increasing every day making treatments expensive. If you get hospitalized for a critical illness or lifestyle disease, you may end up losing all your savings. The only way to afford quality medical treatment during a health emergency is by buying a health insurance policy. Take a look at some of the top reasons to buy a health insurance plan below:

Beat Medical Inflation – A health insurance policy can help you pay your medical bills, including pre and post-hospitalization expenses, today as well as in future despite the rising medical costs.
Afford Quality Medical Treatment – It helps you to afford the best quality medical treatment and care so that you can focus only on getting cured.

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Top-up Health Insurance Plan:

People who are already covered under a basic health insurance policy or those who can bear the medical expenses up to a certain threshold can opt for a Top-up Health Plan. It provides health insurance instant coverage beyond a fixed threshold known as a ‘deductible’ in insurance parlance.

Updated: September 18, 2023 — 9:24 pm

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